Film Capacitor


The most common values for capacitance are 10 nF, 100 nF, 220 nF, 470 nf and 1 µF. We also carry film capacitors with capacitance up to 1000 µF. The rated voltage can be between 10 V and 3 kV, with the most common capacitors having a rated voltage of 100 V, 250 V or 400 V.

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Film capacitors, also known as film dielectric capacitors, plastic film capacitors, polymer film capacitors, film caps or power film capacitors, are electrical capacitors that contain an insulating plastic film which is the dielectric, and is sometimes combined with paper as the carrier of electrodes. The electrodes contained in film capacitors can be metallized aluminum or zinc and directly applied to the surface of the plastic film or a separate metallic foil that is overlying the film. Two of these conductive layers are wound into a cylinder shaped winding that is generally flattened in order to reduce mounting space requirements on a PCB, or layered as several single layers that are stacked together in order to form a capacitor body.


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